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Day 1: 1982 Chateau Margaux, among others

Whenever another year comes to a close, we tend to think, 'where did the year go?' and 'what on earth do I have to show for it?' Many times, I always wonder what happened to taking copious notes on all the wonderful wines I've had the good fortune to sample over the year. And the memorable meals I've experienced. And all the exotic locales I've visited (usually with the purpose of eating good food and drinking beautiful wines).

So, I figured the best way to remember all of these great experiences is to share them all with you. So, I will attempt to document, over the next 365 days, 365 memorable food, wine and travel experiences.

Living in Napa Valley, having memorable food and wine experiences is quite an everyday affair. It's really why so many of us decide to pursue the dream of working in the wine industry. Contrary to popular belief, it's not to become an overnight millionaire. It's all about the lifestyle. And last night was a perfect testament to that belief.

I was invited by a good friend of mine to attend his wine company's holiday party, which started off at the wonderfully diverse Oxbow Market in Napa. We then moved on to Taylor's Refresher next door, which has some of the most delicious and sustainably produced burgers, fries and shakes in the Valley.

And then, we saw the line up of wines on the back table:
A magnum of Domaine Weinbach Riesling Schlossburg, Cuvee St. Catherine;
1987 Dominus;
2001 Domaine de la Janasse Chateauneuf-du-Pape;
2006 Araujo Estate;
1978 Duckhorn;
1974 Camus;
(and the most amazing wine I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing:)
1982 Chateau Margaux

So, with my Blue Cheese burger from Taylors, I paired the 1982 Margaux. Simply beautiful, and the blue cheese did not even come close to eclipsing the beauty and supple elegance and power of the Bordeaux. The Caymus was showing very beautifully, and the Duckhorn still held on to much of it's fruit. The Janasse was just the right balance of earth and structure and fruit, and the Cuvee St. Catherine was actually a great pairing with the calamari!

As if this was not enough, after burgers, fries and ridiculous amounts of some of the best Cabernet and Bordeaux in the world, we all boarded the Party Bus, bound for ??, but stocked with bottles of MV Krug and Kara's Cupcakes. We ended up at a bowling alley nearly an hour from Napa, but the Champagne and playlist on the bus made the trip seem short. Unfortunately, Bordeaux and bubbles gave way to Irish Car Bombs and beer, but when you lace up those rented shoes and start cosmic bowling with a big group of great people all hopped up on some killer wines, and you know the Party Bus is gonna get you home safe, you realize why you gave up your fast-paced corporate life to live the life in Wine Country.

Over the next year, I will attempt to write a post a day on whatever it is that I'm eating and drinking at the moment. With holidays coming up and a year ahead with some interesting trips planned, there should be some very interesting things coming up..... Thanks for following, and Abaluche!

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