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McDo? No, SVP.

Just a quick note about the abundance of McDonald's dotting the Parisian landscape:  I broke down and had a Big Mac last night after my bf and I finished some bricolage in the apartment.  While I am all for In-N-Out after moving or home improvement projects, McDo (as they refer to it here) is just not the same.  And although the restaurants here look like trendy hair salons, decked out with leather stools and geometric-shaped lighting fixtures matching the brown/green/aubergine striped wallpaper, the food is just the same as I recall from my last visit about 6 years ago.  Pretty much terrible.  I had heard from several people that the burgers here are much better than in the States, and that the condiments are much tastier.  The sauce de frites was pretty much tarter sauce, and the Big Mac?  Well, I've never been able to finish one in the States without getting ill, so about half-way through I had to put it down.

Sorry Paris - I love you dearly, but I think I'll wait for my In-N-Out before having another fast food burger.

Where is L'atelier de Joel Robuchon again?

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