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Howell Mountain vs. Spring Mountain


Howell Mountain vs. Spring Mountain

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Price is per person. Minimum 2 people; Maximum 6 people.  This is a 2-Day Itinerary, which includes Winery Tasting Fees, Lunch & Accommodation; transportation & sommelier guide additional.

Traverse two of Napa’s greatest mountain appellations in this weekend excursion to discover the differences in terroir between Howell Mountain and Spring Mountain.

On the northeast side of Napa Valley on the slopes of the Vaca Range, Howell Mountain’s soils are what set it clearly apart from the west side of the valley.  There are two distinct soil types: the first consists of decomposed volcanic ash, called “tufa”, and the second is red clay that is high in iron. Because both soil types are nutrient poor, they stress the vines, producing intense wines from small clusters and berries. In the end, the altitude, and thin, rocky, and dry soil conditions create wines with firm structure, incredible varietal intensity, and excellent aging properties.  

Across the Valley, nestled on the slopes of the Mayacamas Mountains sits the Spring Mountain AVA.  The varying microclimates and tiny vineyards planted with determination on the hand-tilled terraces hidden amongst dark forests on winding roads create the mystique and nuances of the wines produced here.  As a result of this intense and stressed growing region, the wines of Spring Mountain have gained acclaim for their intense flavor and delicate, balanced tannins….and gave rise to the trend of “mountain fruit”.  

In town, discover how Chef Hero Sone of Terra (and ame in San Francisco) translates terroir into their flavorful and of-the-moment cuisine that continues to garner praise even after 25 years in operation.  

And there is no better way to understand the hospitality roots of Napa than a night the luxurious and tucked-away resort of Meadowood Napa Valley.


Day 1:

  • Paloma
  • Pride
  • Robert Keenan

Day 2:

  • Cimarossa
  • Viader


  • Terra (St. Helena)
  • Harvest Table by Charlie Palmer (St. Helena)

Hotel Partners:  

  • Harvest Inn by Charlie Palmer (St. Helena)

Additional Amenities:

  • Transportation:  $60-$90/per hour
  • Sommelier Guide:  $150/per day
  • Hotel:  $25 booking fee + Market Room Rate


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