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On The Road to Coryelle Fields

On The Road to Coryelle Fields

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Oenotourism is the art of combining tourism and wine tasting, in a way that is more educational and exploratory.  Popular and a part of the culture in the traditional wine producing regions throughout France, Italy and Spain, it encompasses the whole experience at a wine estate, usually with the proprietor and or winemaker present, and takes you beyond the tasting room and into the vineyards and cellar.  

Thanks to the personal relationships forged over 15 years with some of today's leading winemakers and wineries, a tour arranged by Abaluche can help you discover new wines and take you on great adventures.

We offer Local Excursions with prepackaged tours in Napa, Sonoma, Santa Barbara and Mendocino as well as Grand Adventures, which are all-inclusive, guided trips to the wine regions around the world (coming soon!).  We can also help you build your own Bespoke Oenotourism experience, based on your preferences or desires.

Whether you're looking for a day trip to Napa or a weekend getaway in Santa Barbara, we have crafted several unique wine country experiences for you to choose from, featuring our winery, restaurant and hotel partners, and filled with bespoke touches that will enlighten you to a whole new way of exploring our local wine country.

Let Abaluche Wine Company design the perfect getaway for you, wether you are looking for a day trip to a local wine region, a weekend getaway to Santa Barbara, Mendocino or a more personalized visit to Napa or Sonoma.  Simply start by completing the Choose Your Own (Wine) Adventure form, and our wine industry professionals will work to design the perfect wine country adventure for you.  


To really understand the soul of the wine, we believe that to stand on the soil from where the grape originates and feel the sun's rays on your face is the best way to appreciate it's origins. Abaluche is excited to offer intimate, all-inclusive travel packages to the classic wine appellations of the world twice a year.  Beginning in 2018, you can travel with founder Christina Sports to regions such as Champagne, Burgundy, Bordeaux, Rhone Valley and Provence, Italy, Spain and beyond. Tours are designed for 8-10 people, based on double occupancy.  

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