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About Abaluche

Abaluche is a term that was born amongst family and friends, and is generally used as a toast, meaning “Absolutely, I agree” or “Absolutely, let’s have another!”.  It was first coined by a two year old, sitting at the dinner table with his family and their friends.  When the adults raised their glasses of wine and toasted with a “Cheers”, he raised his glass of juice in union and said “Abaluche!”  It  marks the occasion when good wine, good food, good friends, good music and good experiences intersect, and include all “À table!”.

About Oenotourism

Oenotourism, by definition, is the art of combining tourism and wine tasting, in a way that is more educational and exploratory.  Oenotourism goes a bit deeper than your typical wine tasting experience.  Popular and fundamentally understood in the traditional wine producing regions throughout France, Italy and Spain, it encompasses the whole experience at a wine estate, usually with the proprietor and or winemaker.  In Burgundy, for example, you might enjoy a whole day on the estate with the proprietor, touring the vineyards, enjoying a leisurely lunch on the terrace, tasting library selections and new wines aging in barrel down in the cellar.

Where popular wine tasting experiences simply have you slide up to the bar and have 3-4 tastes of whatever's on the counter, a tour with Abaluche Oenotourism will take you beyond the tasting room - into the cellars, out in the vineyards, or beyond the crowds to the private back rooms of small, boutique wineries.  A tour with Abaluche can help you discover new wines and take you on great adventures. We offer Local Excursions with prepackaged tours in Napa, Sonoma, Santa Barbara and Mendocino as well as Grand Adventures, which are all-inclusive, guided trips to the wine regions around the world.  We can also help you build your own Bespoke Oenotourism experience, based on your preferences or desires.


Photographer:  J ina Anne  Location: Realm Cellars, Napa CA  Date:  J une 2014

Photographer: Jina Anne  Location: Realm Cellars, Napa CA  Date: June 2014

About Christina Sports, Founder

Christina grew up in San Diego, CA where wine was not really a part of everyday life.  After high school, a brief trip to France afforded her a glimpse into the world of food & wine when she tried oysters and Muscadet for the first time in the seaside hamlet of Nantes in the Loire Valley.  She was enamored.  But back in the US, it would be 4 more years until she would continue her wine education.  She attended Whittier College in Los Angeles, where she studied business marketing, and after graduation, she started with The Walt Disney Company in the Public Affairs division, which was followed by a sales position for Novartis Pharmaceuticals.

During this time, she attended a lot of corporate dinners and networking events where the conversation predictably turned to the political landscape, stocks, golf and sports.  Searching for a new "hobby" that would challenge her and provide a bit of conversation to keep her in the loop at these events, she decided to learn all she could about wine, believing that there was much more to this beverage than the generic rows of Cabernet and Chardonnay on the supermarket shelves.

She started visiting the local wineries in Santa Barbara and talking with the pioneering winemakers, who ultimately became her mentors.  Doug Margerum, Greg Brewer, Steve Clifton, Kris Curran and Bion Rice were all wonderfully generous in sharing their craft with her, and she started to seriously consider a different career path.  She began taking online courses to get accredited with the Society of Wine Educators  and the Court of Master Sommeliers.

Abaluche Wine Company was founded in 2003 with two college friends, as a wine bar concept in Los Angeles.  It was between these three that the word Abaluche came into being, while enjoying the food, wine and company at a dinner party one evening.  Just before the wine bar was to open, she acknowledged that she had very little hands-on experience in the wine industry, and wanted to do a few more laps around the wine world before committing to a location...so she sought to get to the root of this new industry that she was falling in love with.  

Drawn down the rabbit hole of wine in 2005, Christina never looked back as a whole new world based in farming, family, terroir and travel opened up to her.  Combining elements of art and science, it was the perfect industry to indulge her romantic side, challenge her business side, and allow her inner science nerd to geek out.  She purchased fruit from the Bien Nacido vineyard that year and produced her first wine, Lysander Pinot Noir, at Crushpad in San Francisco.

It was also in 2005 that she was fortunate to experience her first harvest at Robert Sinskey Vineyards in Napa Valley.  Somewhere between crushing the fruit for their cultish Vin Gris and her first Pinot Noir punch down, she knew she had discovered the secret to happiness: truth in wine.  By creating something from the earth with her own hands, she knew that this was to be the foundation of all she was destined to do within the wine industry.  

Great periods of blood, sweat and tears followed for a decade after that decision was made, but together with hands-on education, exploration and travel allowed her the greatest graduate experience she could hope to gain.  During this time, Abaluche stayed with her: at first a wine event & education company; then a production company, where she produced three vintages under the Abaluche Wine Company label; as well as offering wine list & private cellar consultations.

Over time, more and more of her friends asked her where to go in wine country and what regions to explore.  Stemming from an underlying passion for travel herself, she set out to establish a bespoke wine country concierge service that pairs people with experiences, and connects back to the great people who have enriched her life, from Santa Barbara to Sonoma County to Friuli, Italy to Cote Rotie, France. Thus, Abaluche Oenotourism was born.

Presently, Christina holds the certificate for the Advanced WSET; is a WSET Diploma Candidate, and is a Certified Sommelier. She lives in San Francisco, CA, which is close to both the vineyards and the international airport, which is the perfect location for a quick getaway in any direction.


Love, Family, Music and Exploration - these are the cornerstones of an Abaluche Experience.

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